Information for Clinicians

Areas of the Brain Poster


Click here to be directed to a resource on the different areas of the brain and their function.

Autonomic Dysreflexia Fact Sheet


Click here to be directed to a resource on Autonomic Dysreflexia. This information is relevant for any individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury at the neurological level of T6 or above.

Cognitive Recovery


How family, friends and staff can help with cognitive recovery. Click here for a ‘hints & tips’ resource.

Condition Specific Information


For information on common neurological conditions click here.

Contact Directories


Contact directories providing contact details for the following:

  • Greater Manchester Neuro-Rehabilitation Teams (both acute and community)
  • Greater Manchester Specialist Nurses and AHP’s
  • Greater Manchester Disability Employment Advisors

Please note you will need to be logged in as a registered user in order to access. Click here for access to the resource.

Last Updated April 2018


Discharge Planning Standards


Neuro-Rehab Units across GM have being implementing new network standards surrounding discharge planning in order to expedite patient flow and improve patient outcomes. Click here to see some of the progress that has been as of November 2017 at Ward 3, Trafford.

Driving Advice


Click here to access a driving resource aimed at individuals with a diagnosis of a neurological condition and those involved in their care

Equipment Grants


Please click here to access details of organisations that have equipment grants. Neuro-Rehab Clinicians: please note, you will need to be logged-in to the website to access the information.

Neuro-Rehabilitation Services Leaflet


A leaflet providing an overview of Greater Manchester Neuro-Rehabilitation Services. Click here for access to the resource.

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire


Click here to access the patient satisfaction questionnaire aimed at neuro-rehabilitation patients.

Pressure Management Poster


How family, friends and staff can help with pressure management in the chair or bed. Click here for a ‘hints & tips’ resource.

Suggested Therapy Apps


Greater Manchester Community Neuro-Rehabilitation Clinicians have developed a resource of Therapy Apps. Therapy Apps should be used under the guidance of clinicians.


Please provide feedback on the effectiveness of the Apps via the feedback form, thank you.